Hello world!


When I was little, I took apart a record player to see how it worked. It seemed overly complex to my 4-year-old self, and while I had no idea what made the music come out of in there, I was fascinated by how much was actually going on behind the curtains. One thing lead to another, and now I’m writing the first blog post at LeftyMaker.com.

Why LeftyMaker? 

Mostly because I’m left-handed. And because I enjoy making stuff. I’ve been into electronics for quite some years, but recently I have been also exploring the realm of woodworking. As a result, pretty much all of my do-it-yourself projects involve one or the other, if not both. 

So, what is LeftyMaker all about? 

Well, I imagine this being a hub where curious readers and fellow makers can explore projects I’ve completed or failed at, learn from my successes and mistakes, gather tips, share their own, and maybe ultimately get inspired to get out there and make something cool. 

Where is the stuff?

You can explore DIY projects and how-to guides on my LeftyMaker YouTube channel that has been live for several months. Subscribe and spread the word! It really helps!

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